Motivation of the workshop “agile and digital companies”

Digital transformation, big data, and the fourth industrial revolution are, if not the biggest challenge, for businesses in any industry. It is only a matter of time before they will enter every unit of companies. Together with this trend, the dynamics and complexity will increase significantly. Expectations will change abruptly and companies will find themselves in a tension between traditional value creation and new digital business models.

In Germany, economic growth is mainly driven by corporations and medium-sized “traditional companies”, which are an important support due to their innovative capacity and technology competences. For example, leading magazines recommend the values of these traditional companies, i.e. their focus on sustainable business growth, long-term and close customer and supplier relationships, and the satisfaction of their employees, to transfer promisingly into the digital age. The great challenge of this change is the conflict of objectives between the long-term strategy of traditional companies and the high speed and complexity of innovations and change processes of digital change. The research project sees an approach to respond to the so-called “VUCA” characteristics of digital change in increasing a company’s ability to act flexibly and quickly.

The research project will focus on the important areas of companies, because not all areas need to be changed forcibly in the context of digital change and certainly many areas will continue to be successful without increased agility. The comparison of current practical and overarching frameworks such as Holacracy (Robertson 2015), Management Y (Brandes 2014), evolutionary organisations (Laloux 2016), complexite testicles (Pfläging 2015) and Management 3.0 ( Appelo 2010) shows a focus on the structure, leadership, work, environment, personnel processes and culture of companies. Read more about the motivation of research.

digital companies
Workshop process: agile and digital companies with optimal roundtable (more information at the end of the article)

In the course of the workshop “Agile and Digital Enterprises” concrete implementation cases of agility and digital change in companies will now be investigated. To this end, I invite you and optionally other colleagues to evaluate agile culture, leadership, influence of digital transformation and other points together in a workshop between 2h – 4h. You decide the depth of the analysis and the time used. Optionally, there is also the possibility to take a closer look at certain aspects such as “open spaces” or the like on site.


Neither the name nor sensitive data of the company will be published. The case study will not be made available to third parties before it is approved by their company. In addition, it will not be redistributed without your approval outside the doctoral thesis. It is also up to us to decide whether or not to further analyse the case study in research. Again, the name of the company is not mentioned.


The workshops will take place between August 2016 and November 2017. For capacity reasons, I can only do one workshop per month.

Scope of the workshop

I would be on site for a day to conduct the survey and the observation. I cover the costs of travel and accommodation. I am always happy to get to know agile and digital companies.

Roundtable on agile companies and digital leadership

Information about the roundtable “digital leadership and agile companies” as well as a report on the roundtable in Nuremberg can be found on my blog. The aim of the roundtable is to exchange case studies of agility in companies together with up to ten managers. You are then invited to exchange ideas with other “agile” managers.

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