Good theses are not only complex and time-consuming, but also come from the spiritual property of the author. Many students underestimate the importance of the unique piece, which must be a final thesis dutiful and therefore do not take a plagiarism examination.

A fact that the student likes to displace: Before a lecturer takes a closer look at your thesis, he will first subvert it with the help of a special program of an exam. This determines whether your thesis is a plagiarism. If the program has reasonable doubts about its uniqueness, this may immediately lead to the non-existence of your thesis.

Although this approach has been going on for years in universities and colleges, many students still do not know exactly what to consider when drafting a thesis. This article therefore clarifies the question “What is plagiarism at all?” and also refers to the advantages and disadvantages of the examination.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism refers to the spiritual theft of foreign thoughts. This often happens when entire passages of text are literally integrated into one’s own transcript rather than in the sense of the text and are not identified as quotations. In this way, the author illegally pretends to be a true author, disregarding the scientific code of honour. In addition, there are also legal regulations that consistently penalise the theft of intellectual property.

It is important to note that plagiarism can occur in various forms:

  • literal transfer of passages of text from another transcript,
  • literal translation of text passages without references to literature
  • or adoption of foreign concepts or ideas without proper labelling as such.

In order to avoid this, it is therefore a good place to submit your own thesis before submitting a revision. Using a plagiarism exam can help you identify too close connections to texts that have already been written and optimize them in your thesis. With the help of a special software for plagiarism testing, your text is compared with Internet sources and public databases and Internet sources and then examined for interfaces. In addition, the software detects whether you have also correctly marked the sources used as such.

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Pros and cons of a plagiarism test

A plagiarism test can bring you many other benefits in addition to a secure feeling:

  • In the case of extensive final work, the vision is quickly lost. Software, on the other hand, always keeps track, so that you can perceive and adjust possible plagiarism traps in good time.
  • A plagiarism test is not only far-sighted, but also accurate. She will recognize every stumbling block that you may have overlooked even after several inspections.
  • Declaring your work as plagiarism will unequivocally result in non-existence. Using plagiarism software prevents this scenario.
  • But plagiarism also has legal consequences. These range from a fine (currently around 20,000 euros), to the withdrawal of the doctorate, to the loss of the job. However, you no longer have to worry about such risks after using a plagiarism test.

Of course, a plagiarism test is also associated with disadvantages.

  • Good and efficient plagiarism software often comes at a cost. These usually range from 30 to 60 euros.
  • Free plagiarism exams, on the other hand, often do not allow the upload of the entire work or do not read each sentence individually
  • But also the data protection is not always given with the free version, while fee-based software usually observes this.


There is no question that the benefits of a plagiarism test clearly outweigh the benefits. Moreover, the consequences of spiritual theft are very painful. It is therefore definitely worthwhile for you to carry out a plagiarism examination of your thesis before submission. In addition, if you’re at a cross-party service for a free or fee-based service, it’s important to take the case for using professional software to heart. Connect to the importance of your thesis and then decide whether you see added value in the investment.

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