Note:   The research was completed in November 2017 and I am now in the process of producing my doctoral thesis. New roundtables are planned for 2018.

Motivation of the   roundtables on agility

Digital transformation, big data, and the fourth industrial revolution are a major, if not the biggest, challenge for businesses in any industry. It is only a matter of time before it enters every unit of companies. Together with this trend, the dynamics and complexity will increase significantly. Expectations will change abruptly and companies will find themselves in a tension between traditional value creation and new digital business models.

In Germany, economic growth is mainly driven by corporations and medium-sized “traditional companies”, which are an important support due to their innovative capacity and technology competences. Leading magazines   have found that current traditional approaches in such traditional companies are not always optimal in the context of digital   change. It seems necessary to bring the values of these traditional companies, i.e. their focus on sustainable company growth, long-term and close customer and supplier relationships, and the satisfaction of their employees into the digital age. The great challenge of this change is the conflict of objectives between the long-term strategy of traditional companies and the high speed and complexity of innovations and change processes of digital change.

The research project sees an approach to respond to the aforementioned “VUCA” characteristics of digital change in increasing a company’s ability to act flexibly and quickly. Concepts to promote agility in companies are already numerous in academic literature and many “agile” case studies can be found in fast-growing technology startups, which are pushing themselves into the market of traditional German companies with agile methods. However, the applicability in “traditional companies” is still insufficiently clarified, since there is no comparable change in startups and therefore no transferability can be guaranteed.

The aim of the exchange is to jointly consider how traditional companies can meet the challenges of digital transformation and transform key areas of the company more         digitally and agilely. Read also the follow-up reports of the Roundtables or more on the motivation of research.

Participants of the Roundtables on Agility

Participants of the Roundtable can be divided into 2 groups. In addition, there may be no commercial interests or services in the field of organisational development.

  • Managers of medium-sized   enterprises
  • Head of Division of Corporations

It is important that you are a manager or manager of a traditional company with experience. Research focuses on German smands and corporations. The exchange should take place neutrally and from the point of view of managers who are currently in digital transformation. Since the focus is on decision-makers of companies, participation is not possible if you are a freelancer or senior consultant with a   focus on organizational development. However, you   can still contact me, as I also run occasional bar camps with freelancers.

Frequency and expiration of the roundtable

Roundtable on site

Every 3-6 months I invite to roundtables on agility. The roundtables take place in a location in Munich or Nuremberg. Here 10-12 participants meet and discuss the topics of the doctoral thesis from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. I will also present my results there. The event is free of charge and I take over the catering. Through the roundtable, I evaluate my results every 6 months in order to stay on the cutting edge with the research project.

Join the Roundtable!

Are you also running the first pilot projects with agile methods or are you even trying to establish halocracy in your company? Then you are exactly the right candidate for our roundtables. You are welcome to contact me and then receive an invitation. Just write me via the contact form –I look forward to every   participant. Also I am always looking for Partner for workshops on the topics: Agility and digital Leadership.

Current   roundtables

Completed   Roundtables

Upcoming Roundtables

  • The research was finished in October and I am now in the process of producing my doctoral thesis. New roundtables are planned for 2018.

Are you here for the first time?

You’re at the Roundtable for the first time and wondering what the process is like? When you’re here for the first time, I usually invite you in time for the next roundtable. You don’t have to prepare anything and you can just listen or watch the roundtable. You will get a sense of whether the roundtable and your personal interests are in line. Then you can spontaneously enter into the dialogue or tell about your company. In short, just come and look at it. You will quickly see where your contribution to the Roundtable might be.

What does the research project have of it?

The motivation of the roundtable is the open dialogue with my research. I carefully select each participant and pay attention to a mixed group. Since I am neutral as a researcher, I let the participants evaluate the task   of evaluating my research and then incorporate this feedback. So I avoid “the ivory tower” and bring the topic closer to practice again and again. As a scientific paper, all results are published free of charge in academic journals.  However, I reserve the right, because of the cost issue, to occasionally   have a company sponsor the roundtable. Concretely: Space and catering are then taken over by the respective company.   For this reason, the meetings usually take place in a participating group.

Workshops   on agile companies

We also conduct workshops   on agile companies during the course of the project.   Here we examine agile companies and map their interpretation of agility in a case study. These case studies will also be discussed in the roundtable.

Request information about the Roundtable!

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