“Brexit is the victory of Generation Empire over the Erasmus generation – a victory of the past over the future. Sad for Europe.” said Alexander Graf Lambsdorff (FDP), Vice-President of the European Parliament. I myself am someone of this aforementioned ‘Generation Erasmus’. For this reason, I would like to comment on the situation in Europe in addition to the results of my research project and to advise on openness, tolerance and, above all, agility. I am, of course, aware that I cannot shed a close light on all aspects of this ‘Brexit’ and that my comments certainly cover only a small part of this major issue, but I am still trying to see what contribution my research and the agility frameworks might make. I am not a policy expert, but a researcher who has set out to provide the vision of how agility could make companies fit for the future. Why should this not also apply to Europe?

Complexity as a driver of uncertainty

Was it the right decision we probably ask ourselves weeks after this election. I do not want to make an assessment of this and I believe that the complexity of the decision has led to a great deal of uncertainty and this may even have had a significant impact on the decision. No one can comprehend exactly how the people of England feel at the election and what drives every citizen to do so. However, we notice what remains of the stock market: namely fear and uncertainty. No one can say exactly what is coming. Complexity brings unrest and uncertainty. It can even paralyze or cause everything to “throw” and “say no.” Is Europe too complex? Is the EU instilling the population? We can only speculate on the current causes of the decision. But one thing is certain: we feel insecure after this decision.

Putting the EU’s purpose back in focus

Perhaps we can take this event as a reason to come back together and put the EU’s focus back on a single, happy, free and open Europe. Perhaps for too long some countries have only pursued their own interests and have not taken too little part in the very purpose of this Community. Because it is clear that the time when many people did not care about the EU is now over. It is more in focus than ever before. Who would have thought that in a country like England there would suddenly be 80% turnout. The EU is more than just a set of rules. The EU is a purpose. Namely human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality and human rights. Perhaps now is the time to return to these values together.

Exploiting the potential of other cultures

Together! A word that is often and happily used by our Chancellor Angela Merkel. I think this word in particular will become more and more important. The EU is diverse. We have brought together exciting cultures under one roof. Perhaps it is now time to learn more from each other. Agility also shows that many different individuals in a team can actually bring the greatest innovation. You can also read my article on Holocracy.

Tackling Evolution

If you look at the evolution of companies, you can clearly see that companies are changing evolutionarily. Read my article about the evolution of companies. This evolution, too, is taking place slowly and gradually. Now the question arises: Was this just too fast? Did we just want too much?

I cannot answer that question myself. I can only see that, as the EU, we are leaving the stage of Europe as a ‘family organisation’ and moving towards an evolutionary, agile and open Europe that has a suitable response to every crisis. With Brexit, of course, this development has been given a “dampener.” However, I believe that we will continue to move towards this goal and shape our future together, agilely and evolutionarily.

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I blog about the impact of digitalization on our working environment. For this purpose, I present content from science in a practical way and show helpful tips from my everyday work. I am a manager in an SME myself and I wrote my doctoral thesis at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg at the chair of IT Management.

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