In the following I would like to describe the course of my research on agility. If you want to read more about the motivation of the research, I have written my own article for it.

Basic analysis

In the first step of the research project on agility, all relevant departments of companies are identified. Management frameworks and current organizational frameworks are also identified and analyzed.

The list of relevant departments is then worked through and each of them is assigned current challenges, best practices and trends. These findings are evaluated in interviews with experts. These are managers of a department or team with a strong focus on that department. The aim of this step is to provide an overview of relevant literature and an evaluation of this literature with the help of experts.

Roundtable education and project management

In a first step, a roundtable is formed, consisting of experts in agility. In this step, the experts are defined as personas and invited to the roundtable. The roundtable itself will be a web conference with telephone dial-in. This ensures that all experts can participate without any problems. Here, the respective results are evaluated every 6 months. In addition, the case study partners are informed and searched in advance. The criterion here is the taking of an agile pilot project in the defined areas in which case studies are to take place.

Workshops – Individual and permanent process

Based on the results in the basic analysis, 3-4 areas of agility are selected. Criteria are the need for agility and the existence of sufficient literature. Workshops and with the practical partners are worked out on a permanent basis.

Evaluation Parallel Process

After each milestone, it is completed and evaluated with a roundtable. The first roundtable will take place after the basic analysis and will evaluate the delta between literature and practice.

Then 2 case studies are presented and discussed in the second roundtable. In the third roundtable, 2 case studies are again formed and evaluated. For the first time, two identical case studies can be compared here. To collect more data, there will be a fourth roundtable. After this, literature is searched again and the case studies are summarized and discussed in a final roundtable. This serves as a final evaluation of the work.

Result for research on agility

The aim of this work is currently to better understand agility in companies and to define the result of the work more precisely during the course.

Read more!

Read more about the current state of research or the roundtables! I am always looking for motivated practice or interview partners.


I blog about the impact of digitalization on our working environment. For this purpose, I present content from science in a practical way and show helpful tips from my everyday work. I am a manager in an SME myself and I wrote my doctoral thesis at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg at the chair of IT Management.

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