Automation as process optimization through technology has become an important topic for companies. After all, it can also be possible to significantly increase the agility in companies. However, because automation can look different for every company, department, employee, and process, there are many benefits to implementation.

Benefits of Automation for Businesses

Companies can apply automation in a wide range of areas, from purchasing to IT to human resources, resulting in processes that can be replaced by artificial intelligence. What at first sounds like saving more than a workforce, however, has other advantages to offer.

Saving time and effort

Automation means, above all, an increase in productivity and efficiency. Many manual processes carried out by workers are eliminated by the increased use of machines. This speeds up processes and work steps to a large extent with less work. As a result, companies can often reduce their labor costs because they now need fewer employees.

Fewer editing errors

At the same time, automation can also reduce the error rate in processes and work steps. Because by the need to stop simple steps from being performed manually by workers, the probability of incorrect processing is also reduced. Incorrect input of data, swapping records or misunderstandings between departments often happen due to worker carelessness. The use of machines, on the other hand, eliminates such errors.

Increased customer satisfaction

While the benefits already mentioned are often obvious, others, non-monetary ones, are often overlooked. But even the announcements of companies can benefit from automation in the long term. This is because faster production times and a lower error rate usually result in better customer service. After all, this increase usually means a higher customer satisfaction and ultimately also strengthens the reputation of the company.

Better compliance

The use of automated processes also enables companies to meet data protection, accounting or file management requirements. At the moment, however, compliance with and the execution of transactions relating to the corporate guidelines is still highly based on manual activities, which are strictly monitored. For example, under the new GDPR, the protection of personal data plays an even greater role. This means, for example, that companies need to make digital customer data and information known and protected by encryption. A requirement that is not only time-consuming, but so far usually not always carried out in accordance with the regulation. Automation of these processes, on the other hand, can not only reduce the error rate, but also promote a faster workflow.

Increased agility

Agility has recently become increasingly important, especially in view of the ever-changing, dynamic markets and the advancing digitalization. Automation is therefore an important issue for companies that want to bring more agility to their processes and departments. After all, companies can implement agility well, especially if they keep response and implementation times within processes short and manage them as clearly as possible. This will also promote transparency in development and progress and create space for innovative thinking. This is ultimately reflected in a lower error rate, improved service quality and higher customer satisfaction.

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